High strength and chemical resistance

Polyphenylene sulphide are sulphurous aromatic high-performance plastics, which are produced from phynylmercaptan. Due to their high long-term temperature application ability of +260 °C and the excellent chemical resistance, they are among the most important high-performance plastics. They are oxidation and hydrolysis resistant and possess a low coefficient of sliding friction. Polyphenylene sulphides are oft en used in electrical engineering.

Product information
Name: Polyphenylene sulphide
Other names: Poly(thio-p-phenylene)
Abbreviation ISO 1043: PPS
CAS-number: 26125-40-6 | 25212-74-2
Type of polymer: Thermoplastic
Molecular Shapeula: C6H4S
Material Properties
Water absorption: less good
Strength, Hardness, Toughness: very good
Temperature for usage in air: very good
Dimensional stability, Heat distortion temperature.: good
Bond-, Weld- and Machinability: good
Molecular Shapeula: very good
Field of application
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Sealing rings
  • Pumps

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