High usage temperature, sterilizable and autoclavable

Polypropylene for high temperatures is an innovative compound-material based on polypropylene, which closes the gapbetween polyolefines and technical thermoplastics through its material properties. PP-HT-plastics distinguish themselves through their outstanding dimensional stability and heat resistance.

Special admixtures make our USP class VI certified and successfully by the C.R.I.T.T Institute for sterilisation and decontamination tested polypropylene HT especially suitable for applications with a temperature range up to 140 °C and high mechanical load, e.g. in the medical technology.

Product information
Name: Polypropylene high temperatures
Other names:
Abbreviation ISO 1043: PP-HT
Type of polymer: Thermoplastic
Molecular Shapeula:
Material Properties
Water absorption: less good
Strength, Hardness, Toughness: good
Temperature for usage in air: good
Dimensional stability, Heat distortion temperature: good
Bond-, Weld- and Machinability: good
Acid and Chemical resistance: very good
Field of application
  • Sterilizing units
  • Medical equipment

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