Good chemical resistance and dimensionally stable

Polyethylene terephtalate are Thermoplasticic processed, saturated polyester, which result from terephthalate acid and ethylene-glycol. PET-plas-tics contain high crystallinity and are considered a sliding material with high mechanical strength andexcellent dimensional stability

They are stiff, dimensionally stable and impact resistant at low temperatures. The shape retention in heat, extents close to the melting point of 255 °C. Polyethylene terephtalate are often used as gear wheels, roller bearings or ball bearing shells in machinery cons-truction.

Product information
Name: Polyethylene terephthalate
Other names: Ethylenterephthalatpolymere
Abbreviation ISO 1043: PET
CAS-number: 25038-59-9
Type of polymer: Thermoplastic
Molecular Shapeula: C10H8O4
Material Properties
Water absorption: less good
Strength, Hardness, Toughness: good
Temperature for usage in air: good
Dimensional stability, Heat distortion temperature.: very good
Bond-, Weld- and Machinability: good
Molecular Shapeula: good
Field of application
  • Covers
  • Precision plain bearings
  • Coil bodies

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