Colourless and form-stable

Polycarbonates are translucent thermoplastics and are produced through conversion of bisphenol A with phosgene. PCplastics distinguish themselves through a wide spectrum of interesting and highquality material properties.

They are heat distortion resistant, very tough, can be sterilised and possess excellent electrical insulation properties. Based on their transparency, polycarbonates are often used as optical parts such as cover boxes or windows for measuring and switch devices.

Product information
Name: Polycarbonate
Other names:
Abbreviation ISO 1043: PC
Type of polymer: Thermoplastic
Molecular Shapeula: C15H16O2 + CCI2O
Material Properties
Water absorption: less good
Strength, Hardness, Toughness: good
Temperature for usage in air: good
Dimensional stability, Heat distortion temperature: good
Bond-, Weld- and Machinability: good
Acid and Chemical resistance: good
Field of application
  • Containers
  • Insulating components

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